Level 4 graphics are nearly finished

I have been working for more than 2 weeks on level 4 graphics, including background, enemies and bosses. It is nearly finished, at last.

For the background, I wanted to add a little bit more atmosphere, so I decided to add rain to the background. At first, I wanted also to draw a dark background, something in the night, so the atmosphere would have been heavier. But because other backgrounds are rather dark, I prefered to stay on something taking place during the day.


For the boss, because of animations, it took much more time than I planned to. It is long to animate even small parts. But it seems okay now and I am waiting for them to be included in the level (at this time I will have some corrections to do, but that is part of the game…).

On monday, I start drawing level 5. A rather dark, this one.


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