Current progress and news !

Hi !
I have had some difficulties connecting to the net as i still don’t have a fix connexion at home (it should be fixed soon, though).
Here is the current progress on the level editor:
I still need to add the ability to load levels, enemies movement (so you can see exactly what is happening anytime during the level) and some minor tweaks to make it easier too.
At some point, i will replace the placeholder graphics by the real ingame sprites but that will have to wait for now as i am focused on the demo rather than polishing the level editor.

New update will be sometime next week. Hopefully i will have my connexion fixed by then.
Stay tuned !

Current progress on the game and the level editor…

As i am working toward the completion of the demonstration version, here is the current state of the game:

All menus and user interface work but need a bit of graphic work.
The galaxy map is 99% done (finished and working but i need to add a custom level loader).
The game engine is 99% done (several tiny bugs to squash but overall it is done).
The first level is working but unfinished.
The first boss is done.
The second level is working but unfinished.
The second boss is 50% done.
The third level is working but unfinished.
The third boss is 50% done.
The fourth level is done.
The fourth boss is 20% done.
The fifth level is working but mostly empty.
The fifth boss is 20% done.
The final boss hasn’t been worked on yet.
Most of the music tracks are in the game. Only several sounds have been included so far.
The cutscenes are 40% done. I’m waiting on more graphic elements from the graphic artist to finish them.

So yeah, a lot of work still to do but i’m getting there ! The level design and boss programming are the fun parts, anyway.
Basically, i am working on a level editor that will allow me to have a visual representation of the levels instead of working with files only.
I plan on including it with the game for free at some point (hopefully at release but i will have to rework some things and make it more polished for that to happen so…i dunno) and include the ability to load custom levels. I’m hoping gamers will enjoy that and will share their levels with their friends and other fans of the game!

So that’s it for now. The plan is to come here and post about the game at least once a week.
Bonus: a sneak peek of the level editor (far from finished and i’m actually adding tiles so that placing objects on the same spot is easier).
Galaxy Hunter Level Editor