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Hi everyone!
I know there haven’t been news lately and i apologize for this. The end of 2018 has been very busy for me as i moved and my father fell ill sadly.
I’ll spare you the details but working on the game has been complicated since then. However, i have resumed work and can share with you the current status of the game.

All the enemies, ships, weapons and game objects are done. 4 levels are done. The UI and menus are about 85% done.
There are still some things that need to be improved here and there but overall, the main focus is now game balance and finishing/polishing a few levels as well as finishing the steam integration (which is going well).

The last thing that has been worked on is putting every value into files so that we can more easily change the balance of the game (rather than having to recompile everything with each change), making it 100 times faster to make changes and evaluate their impact. Sadly, i hadn’t planned for this at the start of development.

I am hoping for a mid 2019 release which i think is pretty realistic considering the work already done (which means in 5 to 6 months).

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