New cockpit !

Hi all !
Here is a look at the new cockpit screen (with a redesigned UI).
That’s where you will select your destination (level or shop), assign level points, change your ship’s equipment, or just chill out watching some holos while listening to some high-tech audio tapes !


More news soon as we continue to work hard on the upcoming demo…

Keeping it up there, in the galaxy!

Hi !
Here are some news and fresh images from the game and new tools:

The Tyrian elements are slowly being eradicated and replaced by their newer forms !

New graphic elements for Galaxy Hunter

So far the work is progressing steadily and everything goes well. We are working on the last elements to finish the demo version that will be posted on specialist forums to get feedback on the gameplay, ui, etc.

I made a new tool for the game to help design movement for the enemies/bosses:

Galaxy Hunter Movement Editor

And finally, here is a picture of the way i can design levels with the new level editor:

Galaxy Hunter Level Design