Dev update ! August 24th

I said we were going to post more often about the development of the game so here goes nothing !
We had a bug that allowed the laser to destroy enemies behind another enemy on very particular occasions (it only did it on the Claws boss from the faraway sector…the laser was able to destroy the homing bullet when hitting the boss).
With all this solved, i am back to enemy and boss design, notably new enemies (new type of enemies that are on the ground and don’t collide with the player ship but still get hit by bullets and fire bullets as well) and some boss logic for the Cylon sector.
I am hoping to have the boss finished and the enemies well on their way by this time next week.

We will be updating the alpha demo with the solved bugs (Claws bugs…the laser thing and the fact that he was both too easy and not invulnerable when arriving) shortly! Probably tomorrow or Friday.

Stay tuned…

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