DreadStar: The Quest for Revenge is a retro-styled shoot’em’up game with RPG elements

Leveling up your ship, upgrading its equipment and getting new skill points will help you defeat your enemies. It also features detailed pixel art, story cutscenes and chiptunes music.

Inspired by shmup games from the 80s and 90s like Raiden, Donpachi, Tyrian, Xenon II, Truxton and a lot of other classics!

Embark into a quest for revenge and defeat all that stands against you.

  • Fast shoot’em’up gameplay with big boss fights
  • 10 different weapons, 4 different ships
  • Tons of other customization options (armors, engines, shields, special items)
  • 5 levels and more bosses
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • Experience, level up, skill points
  • Pixel art cutscenes and chiptunes music made on Atari-ST and ZX Spectrum

Getting new equipment will help you succeed in your quest

And you’ll find everything you need at Redbeard’s workshop! From special items to shields to new weapons…and more! All available at a fair price but you’d better complete some quests before thinking about buying the best equipment…

Visit strange worlds and rescue their inhabitants from evil !

The 5 replayable levels include varied environments and you will have to travel across the galaxy in order to find clues about the evil DreadSkull, the enemy that killed your father…

Explore the galaxy aboard your spaceship!

Warp in and out of levels, go repair your hull, assign your skill points and select a new destination on the map…

Unleash your fury upon your enemies…

…and save the galaxy from the threats that lie within it. Harness your power and become a legendary mercenary that everyone will remember!

Deadly bosses await…deep in space!

Do you have what it takes to defeat them and confront the evil DreadSkull?

DreadStar: The Quest for Revenge is currently being developed by Augmented Irreality and is slated for a late 2016 release.
Stay tuned on social networks and the official website:

FACEBOOK – https://www.facebook.com/DreadStarGame/

TWITTER – https://twitter.com/DreadStarGame

OFFICIAL WEBSITE – http://www.augmented-irreality.fr/dreadstar/

Official Trailer – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KTfHwhVRgY