November 22nd Dev update!

Hi everyone!
I haven’t posted here lately but i haven’t had much to show because i have been working on improvements and tweaks all around.
Basically, i have tweaked the hitboxes for all the player ships, changed the tooltips and worked on small UI improvements.

I have also been working on the last enemies that still need to be made (the new level 2 ones). They are among the last enemies to be worked on (we still need to finish a few bosses as well).
This means the programming is nearly complete and we are approaching one of the final stages of the game’s development: the final level design and game balance. Once this is all done, the game will go into beta status and we will improve the game based on player feedback. This will also be the last hunt for bugs before integrating the game with the Steam API and getting ready for release.

We are planning for an early 2017 release but we are still a few months away from that so stay tuned and in the mean time, enjoy this space dragon boss animation !

Space dragon animated gif
Space Dragon !! Roaaaaaaarrr! (click for a better view)

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