Sept. 21st dev update

Hi everyone ! It’s time for another dev update…
I’ve been working on level design since the start of the week and had to change the way some things worked in the levels. I also added a way to add an object or enemy at a precise point. That way, calculating the position of the background, i can add a background element in the exact spot it is supposed to be at.
However, while it was working well, i thought that it would be better to have a view of the exact background in the level editor…especially since in this level, there are background enemies (enemies that are on the ground and don’t collide with the ship but fire at it).

So i made those changes as well and i must say it is pretty fun to have a good view of the background as it will be in game. I wish i had the time to put all the graphics into the editor to have a 100% accurate view of the level but i really don’t. I’ll maybe do it in my free time (if i can find some).
I am really looking forward to seeing people use the level editor to create new levels but that will have to wait until after the release!

level editor
DreadStar’s Level Editor!

So far, i only have started on the overall design of this level, however so i must now hurry and finish the level before working on the Mazinger sector’s enemies.
That’s all for now.

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