Still working hard on the game…

Hi everyone!
There haven’t been much updates here in a while. We have been pretty busy working on the game but also tangled up in the legal side of the business. We’ve been investigating all the contracting, licensing and business opportunities for the game as well as handling the way we will be able to sell the game in the (near) future.

As for the game itself, the game is nearing the beta-test and is coming along nicely. It still needs a serious overhaul on some areas such as game balance (especially with the difficulty levels, item prices and experience points) and a few UI tweaks and the levels aren’t finished yet (2 of them are, though).

We’re going to continue working hard and start posting more regularly again on this blog.
Stay tuned for more news soon and for those interested in being a beta tester, don’t hesitate to reply here or on facebook/twitter/google+…

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