Time for another dev update!

Hi everyone!
Here is another dev update…

The Betelgeuse sector enemies are done (including mid-boss) and the boss is mostly done. I have also been working on game design as we are working with ClemenC on the Mazinger sector’s general design, enemy design and the overall feel we want to give to that level. ClemenC has finished the background and it is a really interesting one.
The level will be quite different from other levels as you will have the opportunity to speed up or down the movement in that level using booster platforms. Your score will also depend on how much time it took you to beat the level…and there might be a surprise on the final boss as well 🙂 but i’ll keep that a secret for now.

As a side note, we have begun thinking about game conventions and events where we could show the game to more people. We need to get more people to know about the game as we feel it is generally well received so far.
The alpha demo is still out so if you haven’t tried it yet, hop on to GameJolt, Itch.io or Indiexpo and give it a try!

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